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Where can I find a list of cell phone numbers?

If for some reason you need to discover a person’s cell number you first need to know where to look. The first method you have to forget about is using a printed or online phone book. Cell numbers are not listed due to numbers changing all the time while crossing over networks. There are resources over the internet which can help you receive the information you require but there is no guarantee that you will get this for free.

A good site to first look at is The site is 100% free but only lists numbers from people who have registered with them. As you can guess this will only find the people that are happy to be found. Another free method is using the main search engines such as Yahoo, Google or MSN. All you have to do is input the number and press search. You may be in luck if their information was listed at some time when submitting information to other sites. This can be hit and miss though as the incorrect person’s information may be found. Also you might need to get the way the number was typed perfect to be recognized.

To heighten the odds on finding the right information, you may want to try some sites with fees. These include,, and Most have an affordable fee so you can more easily track down the number and any other relevant information you may require. There are more sites out there that can track down personal information at a nice price.

The very last action to track down an individual’s cell number would be to hire a private investigator. This is a very expensive method with them charging by the hour or a lump sum for the whole job. However, they do have more advanced databases and methods to retrieve the information from sources not obtainable by the general public. If you are desperate to get the person’s cell phone number and you don’t mind getting your check book out, then go for the PI. If not then look for one of the much cheaper methods already mentioned.

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Reverse cell phone directory lookup Tips

Reverse cell phone directory lookup is a well used method to track down information associated with a cell phone number. The best thing you can do first is find the right service that offers you the results you are looking for. If it is not effective then it is a waste of your time and effort.

Search through the internet and you will soon find the remarkable service that is reverse cell phone directory lookup. Using this you can find information like who the number belongs to, where they live and sometimes even more in-depth details. Some website will try and woo you with free services. Be wary of these as they normally end up adding on fees or just present information that is not reliable.

Sites that openly ask for payment are in practice better to use and provide a more guaranteed service. Make sure you thoroughly check out the site before commencing with any payment. You are the one paying for it so you need to know it will be effective when searching for the information.

A proper reverse cell phone directory lookup site should have the following:
· A database that is regularly updated
· Customer service you can rely on
· Offer unlimited searches
· A confidentiality agreement
· A money back guarantee.

Check out the sites, pay the money and get the information you require. Just make sure it has a money back guarantee, just in case it turns out to be unsatisfactory.

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AT&T Cell Phone Number Directory Search and Lookup Tips: How to Look Up AT&T Cell Phone Numbers Accurately

Are you looking for someone’s cell phone number? If you are, you have to consider that this can be quite a hard task as cell phone number directories are virtually non-existent.

AT&T is considered to be one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world today. They are one of the the companies in America that provide the best services and they also offer one of the widest cell phone network coverage. If you are looking for someone’s AT&T cell phone number, then you are in luck.

Although there is no existing official directory of cell phone numbers from AT&T, you will be able to know about someone’s cell phone number by just using the internet. Today, there are quite a lot of websites that offer cell phone number directory search and lookup. Because AT&T is a very popular cell phone network provider, you will see that most websites that offer this kind of services will be able to provide you with a wide range of AT&T cell phone numbers and also the names of the people who own that particular number.

When you want to search for an AT&T cell phone number, you might want to try searching for it in the internet. Here, you will be able to have a better chance in getting the number and also the name of the person who owns that number.

These are the things that you can do in order for you to lookup AT&T cell phones. Although these directory websites will charge you for their services, you will see that it will be worth it as you will be able to know about the cell phone number and also find the person you want to find.

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Alltel Cell Phone Number Directory Search and Lookup Tips: Useful Information to Trace People and Keep In Touch With Them

Wouldn’t it be great if you can know your loved one’s cell phone number so that you can keep in touch with them? However, the only problem with this is that it is quite hard to know someone else’s cell phone number as there is virtually no existing cell phone directories available today.

If you want to trace people and their cell phone numbers, you might want to try the internet for it. One popular cell phone service provider is Alltel. This particular cell phone network is considered to be one of the best and also the largest network in the United States. If you think that the person you are trying to contact uses Alltel, then you are in luck.

Today, there are online directory services that will be able to provide you with cell phone directory. In this kind of website, you will be able to access a huge list of cell phone numbers as well as the name of the person who owns the number.

However, before you start looking for your family and friends, you have to remember that services like this don’t come in for free. You will need to pay for it in order for you to fully access the online cell phone white page directory.

These are the things that you can do in order for you to search for cell phone numbers. With this, you will be able to keep in touch with your loved ones in no time at all.

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Verizon Cell Phone Number Directory Search and Lookup Tips: Effectively Looking Up Verizon Phone Numbers

Have you ever missed a call in your cell phone and that you didn’t even know the owner of the number who was calling you? If you have, then you might want to try some of these tips in order for you to lookup the number and know who was calling you.

First of all, Verizon Wireless is one of the largest and also the most widely used cell phone network service provider in the United States. If someone calls you using a Verizon phone number, you will see that you will be able to know who is calling you by using the directory search services.

Although Verizon Wireless doesn’t have this service, you will see that the internet is full of services like this. Online directory services and people search websites will be able to help you out when you are looking for a Verizon cell phone number. It will be able to let you instantly know who owns the number and also from where.

All you need to do is subscribe to phone number directory search services and you will be able to know the people who owns a Verizon phone number.

Although you need to pay for the services, you will see that it will be of great help as you will be able to know whose unknown cell phone number tried to call you. Also, you will be able to find out what the cell phone number of your friends who are also Verizon users is.

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Sprint Cell Phone Number Directory Reverse Lookup Tips

There are numerous websites available today that offers cell phone number reverse lookup. If someone called you in your cell phone where you don’t know who the number belongs to, you can easily know who was trying to call you through cell phone number directory reverse lookup.

Today, you will be able to conduct reverse cell phone lookup in the internet. However, you have to consider that it can be quite expensive to do so. One of the largest cell phone service providers in the United States today is Sprint. If someone calling you has a Sprint cell phone number, you can easily trace who the caller was by putting the cell phone service provider on your search query and by also putting in the number.

With this, you will be able to get accurate search results and in no time at all, you will be able to know who was trying to call you. In fact, with just a cell phone number, you will be able to know about the cell phone number owner’s background.

These are the things you have to remember when conducting reverse phone number lookup. So, the next time you missed a call from someone you don’t know, you can easily know they were without even calling them by conducting a reverse cell phone lookup.

With this tool, you will definitely be able to know who was calling you. Or, if the number trying to call you is a Sprint number, you can always try asking Sprint about any information on who was calling you.

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How to Find Cell Phone Numbers Online for Free

Finding landline numbers these days is an easy task but when you’re looking for a cellular phone number, it can be very difficult especially if the number is unlisted. Seldom can you find a cellular phone number included in telephone directories online but if you know where to conduct your search, you can find the task worthwhile and trouble-free.

The first thing that you have to do is to look for a directory of cell phone numbers online. It should have a large number database to be sure that you get what you’re looking for. Most of the sites offering cell phone number lookup services charge a fee for every search that you conduct so if for people with limited budget, they want services that are free of charges.

If you know the name of the person but you forgot the number, you can use the name of the person to look for his or her cell phone number. However, if you have a cell phone number but you forgot who it belongs to, you have to conduct a reverse cell phone number lookup.

The major cellular phone companies are T-Mobile, Verizon, Nextel, and Sprint but these companies don’t have officially published cell phone directories. The directories found online are not in any way connected with these major companies so you have to make sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate site. Since there are numerous directories on the net, you may find it hard to choose among them. Most of the sites can’t guarantee users that they can find the numbers and this is one reason why most people prefer free search sites.

However, free sites usually have small databases so you’re still not sure if you can find the number that you’re looking for. Frankly, most free cell phone number search sites don’t work but if you want to try your luck, go ahead because you have nothing to lose. Try to ensure your protection as well especially from spyware. There are millions of criminals on the net looking for vulnerable victims so watch out and be very careful.

If you want, you can visit a helpful site like that of because this is among the top cellular phone directories on the net. Perhaps you can obtain substantial information by visiting their site. The site can help users in finding the best directory that meets the needs of the user. You can also access links to reverse number lookups.

Inside the said site, you can find links to,, and So as you can see, just by accessing one site, you can already be provided with several links that can be very helpful in your search.

Remember that in today’s times, seldom can you find free services. Money is hard to earn and you have to work hard for it. So if you’re looking for a free cell number search service, make sure that it is truly for free. Anyway, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in these free sites, you can go for the sites that charge a minimal fee.

The internet is such a helpful tool if you’re trying to find something. You must be very thankful because now, conducting a search is no longer that difficult.

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Mobile Phone Number Search: A Directory for Mobile Phone Numbers Does Not Exist

You can find a lot of interesting stuff on the internet and that includes websites that cater to the needs of people who want to conduct a mobile phone number search. The truth is, the official directories found online are mainly for landline telephone numbers and not for cellular phone numbers. So if you’re looking for an official site for cellular phone numbers, don’t expect anything.

In the western states and California, there is a proposal to have an official national cellular phone directory. However, the authorities claim that it is a mounting battle.

Over one third of American households prefer their home numbers unlisted. In Arizona, Nevada, California, Washington, and Oregon, over one half of the homeowners there prefer to pay a monthly fee of about $2.66 simply to have their number unlisted and remain private.

Companies that make up the wireless industry promised ‘411 Directory’ that they will submit cellular phone numbers of their customers who permit such action. However, lawmakers want to be very sure that the cellular phone providers will do just that and so they want to propose a mandate.

According to one Senator, they only want to protect the best interests of the cellular phone users across the state and that the appropriate rules should be properly laid down so that the cell phone users will not be bothered by unwanted calls in the future. Aside from that, the Senator added that they are trying to prevent privacy invasion and there’s another pocketbook factor that worries them – the users of cellular phones might be ones who will pay for such unwanted calls.

According to the bill being proposed, cell phone service providers must get the authorization of their existing customers whether they want their cell phone numbers included or not in the database. And for their new customers, the providers should make it conspicuously clear to the customer that they can decline. Aside from that, the cell phone holders who choose to be unlisted should not be charged any fee.

The CTIA or Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association considered such legislation unnecessary because they have already given their industry’s vows and they still hope for the compilation of cell phone numbers in a wireless directory.

Wireless carriers also promised that the directory will not be sold to any third party or it to be posted on the internet. But not all customers are satisfied with promises and they still want profound protection from the government. Customers don’t want to receive prank calls and unwanted calls from telemarketers.

According to authorities, by having some form of legislative protection, the privacy provisions of mobile carriers cannot be changed easily. They say that by creating a wireless directory, it will only intensify the risks of unwanted calls.

Proponents of the 411 Directory contend that the idea was purely due to consumer demand, especially those in the small business sector. In California, the said wireless directory will surely find it hard to operate because it is a very privacy-conscious state.

In the end, it will still depend on the cell phone users whether they want their numbers listed or unlisted. Still, with the protection of the state and federal government, consumers will have more peace of mind that no changes can be made without their knowledge. Everything should be for the best interest of the consumers. Besides, what happened to the cliché: the customer is always right?

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US Cellular Cell Phone Number Directory Search and Lookup Tips: Fastest Way to Lookup Cell Phone Numbers of US Cellular Subscribers

Have you ever wanted to know your loved ones cell phone numbers in order to keep in touch with them? If you are, then you need to consider the fact that there are still virtually no existing directories of cell phone numbers and their subscribers.

Today, one of the most popular cell phone networks is the US Cellular. If your family and friends uses US Cellular as their mobile phone service provider, then you are in luck. Today, there are websites where you can find people who use US Cellular. These websites are called people search websites or cell phone number directory websites. If you are a subscriber of US Cellular, you will be on that list as well as your US Cellular cell phone number.

However, you need to remember that most websites like this will normally charge you a fee for their services. You can either subscribe, or you can also try paying for every search you make. If you are going to search for a lot of US Cellular numbers, then you might want to subscribe as it will be a lot cheaper in the long run. However, if you just want to look up just one or two US Cellular cell phone numbers, then the pay per search option is your choice.

As you can see, it is quite simple to look for US Cellular cell phone numbers. With the online directory, you will be able to find the person you are looking for as well as their cell phone number.

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Cingular Cell Phone Number Directory Search and Lookup Tips

Cingular is one of the most widely used cell phone network in the United States today. They offer a lot of perks to their customers and they also provide one of the best services available.

However, the problem with cell phones is that you will never be able to get the number as there is virtually no directory for it. Cingular subscribers, like other wireless network service providers just don’t have cell phone number directories for it yet.

Need to Reverse Lookup a Cingular Cell Phone Number? Click Here!

So, how will you be able to search or lookup people if there is no Cingular cell phone directory yet? Actually, there is a directory that you can use to look up cell phone numbers. If you are looking for someone, then using these directories will be able to help you out.The internet is considered to be one of the major sources of information there is today. Here, you will see that there are websites that offer cell phone number directory search and lookup, which will be able to provide you with directories of Cingular cell phone users from different parts of the United States.

However, it is important to consider that these websites will charge you for every search you make. You need to remember that it is their business to provide searches like this.

These are some of the things you have to remember when you are looking up or searching for Cingular cell phone numbers in the internet. Although you will need to pay up for the information that they will provide, it will be quite useful when you are looking up the person you want to come in contact with.

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Are there Cell Phone Number Listings or Directories Online?

The internet has gained much popularity ever since it was introduced in the market. At present, internet connections are not only mainly found in large organizations and offices but also in residential homes as well. It seems that having a computer and an internet connection has become a necessity these days.

Aside from establishing continuous communication with your friends and love ones, the internet is used for other reasons like gaining new friends and in accessing online work opportunities. You also use the internet when doing your researches for school so why not use it in looking for someone owning a particular cell phone number?

Now, suppose you have a cell phone number but you don’t know who owns it. There is a way to find out the owner of the number and if you’re that curious, you can start your search now. But is there an online cell phone number listing or directory that you can use?

Honestly speaking, there is no such thing as an ‘official’ directory or listing for cell phone numbers. The directories available online are mostly for landline telephone numbers and not for cellular phone numbers. Now this may sound bad news to you but don’t get discouraged yet because more and more volunteer directories surfacing and they are much gaining popularity.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN can be used for reverse phone search but make sure that you know how to do it. Usually the format is like this – “xxx-xxx-xxxx” and if you can’t get your expected result, you can remove the first 3 digits of the cell number and then type “xxx-xxxx”. Do this in all three search engines and compare the results. If you’re quite lucky, you may be able to get a profile of the person behind the number and other important information.

By trying the volunteer sites on the net, you can also have a greater chance in finding the person behind the number. You simply type the cell phone number that you have on any reverse phone search site and then the results are displayed on the screen in seconds or minutes.

Here are some of the sites that you can try:

• – you can conduct your search for free on this site but you first need to provide your cell phone number and add it to the site’s database
• – if you’re not comfortable adding your cell phone number to the database of the site that you’re using, you can choose this site because without providing your own cell number, you can still conduct your reverse phone search
• – this is probably the most popular site for cell phone number lookup services; the site has a large database and not only that, you can and remove your cell number anytime you like and use the services for free

The three sites mentioned above are legal and you can always visit them anytime you wish. If you’re looking for a name and you just have a cell number, visit their sites now and use their free service. Who knows, you may be able to find out the person behind the cell number.

Even if there is no ‘official’ directory or listings for cell numbers, you can make use of the legal volunteer sites on the internet. This is still good news because with or without the official site, you may be able to get the information that you need.  

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How to Find Cell Phone Numbers on the Net

Cellular phones are widely used nowadays. One probable reason why many individuals prefer mobile phones is that you can take it anywhere you go – to the office, grocery, and other places that you need to go. Another reason is that cellular phone numbers are not listed in conventional phone directories like white pages or yellow pages.

The invention of the mobile phone has indeed caught the attention of many people especially those who want to keep their numbers private. This will ensure them that their numbers can’t be traced by other people. But what if you’re the one who needs to find a cell phone number?

Cell phone numbers are just like unlisted landline numbers that are not found in conventional phone directories. If you want to conduct a thorough search, you can always do it on the internet. Remember that the internet has a lot to offer for its users and that includes cell phone number searches.

Suppose you need to find out your relative’s cellular number or perhaps a very good friend. No matter what you’re reason is, you can search the internet. This is an easy task but it doesn’t mean that you can obtain results immediately. You still need to be patient while searching through the net and you need to visit only the most reliable sites so that you can get useful results.

If you’ve chosen a reputable and result-oriented site, then you simply have to provide the name of the person. It would also help if you know their address but if in case you only know the name, it will be enough. By typing the name, search results will be displayed on the screen. In most cases, you can obtain the cellular phone number or the landline number, the address, and other important information about the person. However, you can only have access to the person’s information only if his/her profile is not blocked from other people.

You can try popular sites like InfoSpace, Anywho, and even Yahoo, MSN, and Google. These are the major sites where most individuals visit everytime they use the internet. There are other sites that can be of great help to you; but remember to stay away from scammers because they are all over the net.

A large percentage of households and cell phone users in the US prefer their numbers unlisted to keep their privacy. They don’t want pestering calls from telemarketers, prank callers, and suspicious callers. So if you have a new cell phone, keep your number to yourself and to your closest friends and family members. If you want to protect yourself from other people, then expect that the person that you’re trying to find is also like you. So even if the internet is a big help to find someone’s cell phone number, don’t be too confident. Expect the worse from every situation that you encounter but don’t give up easily. If you’re diligent with your search, you may be able to find the number that you’re looking for.

By simply knowing the name of the individual, you already have a great chance to find him or her. Still if you can’t find good results, you can always hire a professional investigator, that is, if you can afford the services. Think positive and who knows… you may be able to find the cell number that you’re looking for.

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Cell Phone Listings: Are Cell Phone Numbers Listed Anywhere Online?

Are you trying to find someone’s cell phone number but don’t know where to look? Unfortunately, you cannot just look in the phone book to find someone’s cell phone number. However, there are ways to find this information. The Internet is a vast resource that can help you track down most any information you need, including someone’s cell phone number. Whether or not you can find the cell phone number you need for free is another question entirely. The first thing you should do is look for a directory. There are plenty of them out there.

For example, is a free site, but it only has cell numbers that have been entered by the people who own them. If the person you’re looking for hasn’t listed themselves with this site, you won’t find their information. You will most likely need to pay for a search at a site like,,, or There are lots of sites like these that can track down personal information such as an unlisted cell phone number, for a fee, of course.

If you’re determined to find the information for free, you might want to try a search engine query. Try using Google or Yahoo, which are the two largest search engines out there. Simply enter the information that you have for the person and see what results come up. Sometimes, you’ll get results that aren’t even for who you are looking for. Once in awhile, you might just hit the jackpot and find a listing for the individual which includes their cell number.

The last, and most expensive way, to locate someone’s cell phone number is to hire a private investigator to find it for you. Investigators often charge by the hour or by the job. They can usually find the data you’re looking for because they have sophisticated professional databases and techniques that are not available to the general public. Because this is such an expensive option, most people don’t go this route. You can probably find the data you need using a cheaper course of action as described above.

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