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Investigating a Cell phone number using clever tactics

You don’t always need a private investigator to track a cell phone number. Amazingly you can use the same methods as the experts when searching for someone’s cell phone number. Even more amazing is the fact you won’t have to pay an extortionate amount of money. Paying a private eye to do the same job could put a serious dent in your bank account. Sometimes you can do this without paying a penny! The best starting point is to use search engines such as MSN, Yahoo or Google.

Using the traditional 000-000-0000, enter the cell phone number into the search engine. If this fails, try changing the dashes into periods, and then replace the periods with spaces. This covers just a few of the formats as people enter their cell phone numbers in different ways. Online classified sites usually fuel these results as people quite often incorporate their cell phone number to these ads. The search engines access this stored information. Using as many search engines as you can think of, will get you the information you need in a short amount of time.

For a modest fee, there is a large range of online sites that can track a cell phone number for you. Intelius, Akiba, and Net Detective are some of the more popular ones from the existing range that help people locate information. Private investigators quite often use the same databases as these companies. If you plan to do a lot of searching you could sign up with a professional search database. Charges will be either monthly or annually but will then give you unlimited searches to retrieve the information

You should always think about why you’re searching for a cell phone number before attempting it. You don’t want to be seen as prying into someone’s personal life. There may be better ways of dealing with harassment from a cell phone number. In this situation, you could report the number to the police, or you could go to a public phone and call the cell number. Keep cool and just ask who you are speaking to. In some instances, they slip up and tell you their name!

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Tracing a Cell Phone Number to a Carrier: Effectively Knowing Who Is On the Other End of the Line

Thanks to wireless technology, people are now able to communicate in a much more convenient and easier way through the use of a cell phone. With today’s cell phone, you will be able to call anyone you wish to call, send SMS, MMS, and you can even browse the internet and check your emails. In fact, some cell phone models will enable you to chat on instant messengers.

Convenient as cell phones may be, there is a dark side of this technology as some people uses it for stalking. It is a known fact that cell phones can be quite hard to trace as there is no existing cell phone directories.

However, thanks to the internet and also to the advancement in communications technology, online cell phone directories are now available to help you trace cell phone calls to a carrier. In fact, there are even software to trace phone calls to carriers.

But, you need to remember that services and software like this are not free. You will need to pay for it in order for you to take advantage of this service and software.

There are quite a lot of uses that a cell phone trace can provide. You can know who the anonymous cell phone caller was, and you will also be able to know where they are situated.

These are some of the things that cell phone tracing can offer you. With it, you can be sure that you will be able to know whoever it is calling you from a cell phone.

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How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers Like a Private Investigator

If you want to trace a cell phone number, you may think you’ll need to hire a private investigator to do the job for you. However, you can actually trace someone’s cell phone number in much the same way as a professional would. Rather than paying an extravagant amount of money on an investigator, you can do the job yourself. It may not even cost you anything! The first step is to use the search engines. Examples of search engines include Google, Yahoo and MSN. You can try one or try them all.

First, go to the search engine and enter the cell phone number. You may want to start off with the traditional 000-000-0000 format. If no results come up, try substituting the dashes for periods. Or, use spaces. Then, try taking out the spaces. People may enter their cell phone numbers in a variety of ways. Try all the search engines you can think of for the best results. If the person you are searching for has placed an ad on an online classifieds site, this is the way to find it. People often include their cell phone numbers in these ads. With a simple search, you can pull the information up in no time.

Then there are the paid methods of searching. You will find a remarkable number of sites online that can trace cell phone numbers for a modest fee. Sites like Intelius, Akiba,, Net Detective and more exist to help people track down information. They use the same databases as many private investigators use. Another alternative is to join professional search databases, which usually charge a monthly or annual fee for access. This is a good option if you’ll be doing lots of searches.

You should always consider your motives before tracing any information. If someone is harassing you from a cell phone number, you might want to take the number to the authorities. One sneaky option that may help you find out who is behind the calls is to go to a pay phone, call the number, and ask who is speaking. Sometimes, the person will actually tell you!

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How to Find Names of Persons Behind Cell Phone Numbers

If you want only the best services coupled with benefits and convenience, try using the internet especially if you’re searching for something; the internet is widely used for making almost any type of search even cell phone numbers.

What if you need to find out the name of the person behind the cell phone number? Perhaps you found the number in your recent call history or on a piece of paper and you’re curious who it belongs to; you don’t have to have the best reasons in order to conduct a reverse cell phone number search lookup. Whatever you’re reason is, you can easily make an online search using the cell phone number and find out information like name and address.

Long ago, this would have been the job of an investigator but because of the internet, you can conduct your very own investigation as long as it does not violate any law on privacy. Use services like reverse phone search or lookup in order to find the name of the person behind the cell phone number.

How can you find the name using the reverse phone search?

The first thing that you have to do is to find a good site that offers reverse phone search. Try to make sure that the site is legal and that it is not part of any online scam. For your information, the internet is a very helpful tool in trying to locate someone or in finding just about anything useful to you but it also a great avenue for criminals and thieves to conduct unlawful activities.

So if you’re using the internet to look for the name of a person owning a particular cell phone number, you should still exercise carefulness especially when using your personal information. This may take time but so will your search because you can’t expect immediate results especially if you’re using a cell phone number as reference.

Oftentimes, unidentified cell phone numbers can be a nuisance and you can only attain peace of mind if you are able to find out the person behind such number. By simply typing the cellular phone’s number, it is possible to uncover the identity of the person using such number.

You can’t expect results to be accurate and updated at all time so you still need to double check them. Try to access all the legitimate public records online and you may be able to find the name of the person. Be warned that some reverse phone search services are outdated and complete so try to verify your obtained results.

If you want to know the best sites for reverse phone search or lookup, try to check consumer reviews first because there you can see the sites which obtained top ratings. Sites that have customer assistance services are also great because you can seek help if you find it hard to use their site.

Make a sensible choice especially if you’re still looking for the best reverse phone search site. This way, you can lessen the time spent for searching the name of the person. After discovering the person behind the number, you can decide which action to take. Like for instance you’ve identified a prank or nuisance caller; you can call the authorities so that the appropriate action can be undertaken. 

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