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How to Find a Reverse Cell Phone Number Using the Internet

There are so many prank callers these days and many homeowners are pestered by these individuals. This is a problem faced by cellular phone owners but you see there is still more. When you check your spouse’ history of recent callers, you again notice that suspicious number and suddenly your head is spinning and all sort of thoughts come racing inside your mind. Its time to put a stop to these horrible thoughts… and you can definitely put a stop to all of these things by determining the number’s owner.

The internet is the best tool that you can use just in case you plan to look for the owner of the cell phone number. For those of you who have cell phone numbers and want to find out the name of its owner, you can make use of the reverse cellular phone number search or lookup services. But of course, you probably don’t want to be duped by the numerous scams online that often promise users instant results. These sites often deliver site links that in turn charge you with certain fees but honestly, through diligent search you could’ve found the site yourself for free.

If you try the sites that charges fees, each search can cost you about $29 to $99. This is a reasonable cost for people who are trying to find individuals who are threatening their well being, safety, or family relationship. But what if you don’t have reasons like that and you’re just conducting a casual search? Your other option are free search sites.

You can’t find cellular phone numbers in a public directory like and or even your phonebook. You can go to main search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Google and then type the cellular phone number this way: ‘xxx-xxx-xxxx’. If these search engines can’t find valuable results, remove the first 3 numbers (area code).

If you’re quite lucky, you can find an account or profile page that provides more details like a name and even an address. Some pages may even disclose a username or avatar. In order to uncover similar information, you can use the disclosed information on the pages and then try doing a search on them as well. In some instances, you can obtain search results like a weblog or webpage.

If after that search you still can’t find any information, then you have no other alternative but to check sites that charges fees. Again, be careful because there are numerous sites that are considered scams on the internet. So before providing your credit card’s number, you have to look for the following information: a refund policy and sample search.

The site must offer a refund policy just in case you still can’t find the number’s owner. Look for the site of a company that offers a refund so that if you can’t obtain the desired result, you can place the appropriate refund. Make sure that the site gives sample searches or partial lookup so that you can assess if the site can present accurate results.

So there you have it, the two alternatives that you can choose from. Of course, many individuals will go for the first option because it will not cost them anything. Still, if you want more reliable results, try the second option. Both ways are said to be effective especially if the number is listed so if you’re planning a search now, go ahead and hope you can find what you’re looking for.

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