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Where can I find a list of cell phone numbers?

If for some reason you need to discover a person’s cell number you first need to know where to look. The first method you have to forget about is using a printed or online phone book. Cell numbers are not listed due to numbers changing all the time while crossing over networks. There are resources over the internet which can help you receive the information you require but there is no guarantee that you will get this for free.

A good site to first look at is The site is 100% free but only lists numbers from people who have registered with them. As you can guess this will only find the people that are happy to be found. Another free method is using the main search engines such as Yahoo, Google or MSN. All you have to do is input the number and press search. You may be in luck if their information was listed at some time when submitting information to other sites. This can be hit and miss though as the incorrect person’s information may be found. Also you might need to get the way the number was typed perfect to be recognized.

To heighten the odds on finding the right information, you may want to try some sites with fees. These include,, and Most have an affordable fee so you can more easily track down the number and any other relevant information you may require. There are more sites out there that can track down personal information at a nice price.

The very last action to track down an individual’s cell number would be to hire a private investigator. This is a very expensive method with them charging by the hour or a lump sum for the whole job. However, they do have more advanced databases and methods to retrieve the information from sources not obtainable by the general public. If you are desperate to get the person’s cell phone number and you don’t mind getting your check book out, then go for the PI. If not then look for one of the much cheaper methods already mentioned.

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